Flexible Foam
Flexible Foam Products, Inc. is a member of the plastics division of Ohio Decorative Products (Ohio Dec), an Ohio-based corporation, and a leading manufacturer of a broad range of polyurethane foam products for the flooring, bedding, furniture, automotive, and packaging industries. The company offers complete self-performance capabilities from in-house research and development, product testing, pouring and manufacturing, quality control, supply management, and a private fleet of transportation and delivery vehicles.


ToyocomEpson Seattle
ToyocomEpson Seattle is a worldwide leader of crystal manufacturing providing an extensive range of high quality synthetic quartz products for the communications, computers, instrumentation, satellite and automotive industries. Synthetic quartz crystals are indispensable for stable frequency generation, as optical devices for state-of-the-art information systems, and as components vital to future development of communications industries. ToyocomEpson Seattle customers include major technology industries such as Motorola, Nokia, and Ericsson.


Mint Farm Energy Center
The Mint Farm Energy Center generates electricity for delivery to the electric transmission grid. In general, the plant converts natural gas into electricity via a combustion turbine and steam turbine. What does that mean to our area? The project has a maximum output of approximately 290 MW per hour, enough energy to supply the electrical demand for approximately 400,000 average homes. In keeping with its commitment to use the cleanest and most efficient methods of producing power, the plant uses state-of-the-art environmental technology.

Construction of the previously mothballed Mint Farm Energy LLC plant resumed in late June 2006 after almost four years of sitting idle. Between 250 and 300 construction employees completed the plant in 2007; and now at full operation, the Mint Farm Energy Center employs 15 to 16 full-time, industry-qualified personnel.

Previously owned by Avista and then Mirant, the partially completed facility was shut down in 2002 due to financial difficulties. Investment capital up to that time had been about $169 million. Wayzata Investment Partners purchased the plant in 2005 for $27 million in U.S. Bankruptcy Court. Wayzata Investment Partners purchased the project because they believed it was a needed asset for the Western power grid.


The City of Longview and Weyerhaeuser Real Estate Development Company:
A Public/Private Partnership for Success!
The Mint Farm Industrial Park is a 435-acre master-planned industrial park being developed through a unique partnership between the City of Longview and Weyerhaeuser Real Estate Development Company. With the City assuming the responsibilities and role of the developer and WREDCO partnering through affordable land sales, the Mint Farm has already secured highly competitive clients from both Canada and Japan.

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